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Mike Noll’s experience leading a subsidiary in a major corporation, and starting up, growing and selling his own small business, enables him to better understand your business issues and goals. Mike will make certain that your business agreements protect your interests while furthering your business relationships.

Areas of Practice:

  • Business Formation
  • Contracts
  • Business/Commercial Law
  • e-Commerce
  • Business Reorganization
  • Commercial Real Estate/Leasing
  • Commercial Litigation

Bar Admissions:

  • Kentucky, 1987
  • United States District Court, Western District of Kentucky


  • DePaul University College of Law, Chicago, Illinois, Juris Doctor
  • University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Master of Business Administration, Finance
  • University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Practical Business Law Experience in Kentucky

Legal Knowledge ∙ Business Experience ∙ Custom-Tailored Solutions

Mike Noll uses his background in business operations, including three decades of practical and legal experience, to custom tailor solutions and documents for his clients. At the Noll Law Office, nothing is more important than the client. Attorney Michael Noll gets to know the client’s business and specific business needs.

Clients throughout Kentucky contact the Louisville-based Noll Law Office office to guide them through the complexities of commercial law. The Noll Law Office helps clients with their commercial law needs, including business acquisition, business formation, contract negotiation, licensing agreements and other aspects that only an experience lawyer with a business background can fully understand.

Personal Service Versus Internet Forms

Template documents found on the Internet are not tailored to your business, do not necessarily address your needs, and do not make you aware of other issues that may affect you or your ongoing operations. As a trained lawyer, Mike Noll will not take a template approach to your business. Your needs are unique and require a custom response. Mike Noll understands how legal issues apply to your business and will work through every detail involved to try to meet your goals and ensure your interests are protected.

Businesses contact the Noll Law Office for legal services for:

  • Commercial business background combined with our legal experience
  • Hands-on, customized approach to meeting unique needs
  • Accessibility — clients have direct access to attorney Mike Noll
  • Ability to take control of a situation and put the client’s mind at ease
  • Proactive approach to stay in command, not reactive to what is happening

Practical Experience Attending to Your Needs

With firsthand knowledge of business operations and ownership, Michael Noll understands what his business clients need. Clients want proper documentation in place when going through business formation; you want to maintain your reputation when resolving a dispute; you want to minimize risk — Mike Noll knows how to help in all of these situations and more. For commercial and business law assistance in Kentucky, contact the Noll Law Office online or call 502-272-0777.


Areas of Practice

Protecting Clients and Resolving Business Disputes in Kentucky

At the Noll Law Office, Mike Noll will work closely with your business to protect your business’s relationships, reputation and rights. The Noll Law Office is a client-focused law firm that recognizes the need for a customized approach to a client’s unique situation. When working through a dispute, Mike Noll helps the client resolve it efficiently and maintain a good reputation.

Providing Comprehensive Business and Commercial Law Services

Clients with business law needs contact the Noll Law Office for assistance in the following areas:

  • Small Business Law
  • Contracts
  • Commercial Litigation

Businesses often contact the Noll Law Office in Louisville for legal help because they do not have in-house counsel. Attorney MIke Noll’s legal experience and background in business operations allow him to provide strategic legal counsel to businesses throughout Kentucky.

Contract Concerns

If a contract is drafted properly, it should not only satisfy short-term needs, but ensure the long-term is addressed as well. An experienced lawyer provides insight to address and clarify situations that you may not realize need discussion. Mike Noll’s goal is to ensure that all concerns – present and future – are covered in a contract, providing contingency planning to avoid future risk.

If a dispute does arise, Mike Noll will work to maintain our client’s reputation and continuing business relationships regardless of the dispute.

Experience Protecting The Future of Your Business

When involved in a business dispute – especially when it first comes to light – finding representation quickly is important. If you are not careful early on, you can make an admission or say something that may affect your legal rights. The Noll Law Office provides guidance so that your case won’t be compromised.

As a client of the Noll Law Office, you will work closely with Attorney Michael Noll to resolve the dispute. With his background in business ownership and operations, Mike Noll understands what businesses face and how to legally protect their future. For commercial and business law assistance in Kentucky, contact the Noll Law Office online or call 502-272-0777.



Helping Clients to Establish Business Relationships

In your business, you work diligently to build relationships with the right types of business partners, including customers or clients, suppliers, agents, and others. Well-written contracts that are fair while protecting the interests of the parties can promote trust and further the business relationships

Providing Comprehensive Business and Commercial Contract Services

Some of the commercial and business contract services provided by the Noll Law Office are:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Dispute Resolution
  • Leases
  • Sales Terms and Conditions
  • Purchasing Agreements
  • Sales Proposals, RFPs and RFQs
  • Licensing Agreements

Businesses throughout Kentucky that don’t have in-house counsel can rely on the experience and business background of Attorney MIke Noll to get the advice and counsel needed.

Contract Concerns

A well-written contract should meet the objectives of all parties without being burdensome, clearly state the responsibilities of all parties, anticipate short term fluctuations and long term trends, include provisions for modifications and early termination, provide means to enforce the agreement and resolve disputes. Lawyer Michael Noll has the business experience to understand potential issues and to address them in the business agreement.

Experience Resolving Contract Disputes

Even though parties enter into business agreements with the best of intentions, due to changing circumstances disputes might arise. Lawyer Mike Noll understands the need to protect the image and reputation of your business while enforcing your contractual rights.

For more information about business acquisition or dispute resolution, contact us online or call 502-272-0777.


Small Business Law

Protecting Clients and Resolving Business Disputes in Kentucky

As an owner or director of a small business, you have plenty to do without having to worry about legal problems. Attorney Mike Noll understands your needs because he founded, managed, and sold his own small business in Louisville.

Providing Comprehensive Legal Services

Small business operators contact the Noll Law Office for assistance in the following areas:

  • Business Formation and Start-up
  • Business Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Real Estate Procurement and Leasing
  • Equipment Procurement and Leasing
  • Business Acquisition
  • Business Reorganization
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contracts

Business entities often contact the Noll Law Office to serve as general counsel because they do not have in-house counsel. Attorney MIke Noll’s legal experience and background in business operations allow him to provide strategic, legal counsel to businesses in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.

Business Start-up Planning

The success of a business is often determined by how thorough the planning has been done prior to start-up. A well constructed business plan that captures all of the costs and risks can enable the business to respond to surprises that often arise. Having solid processes, contracts, agreements, sales terms and conditions enables the operator to proceed confidently when developing new clients. Mike Noll, an experienced lawyer who understands small business operations, will tailor agreements and processes to best suit the needs of your business.

Buying or Selling a Business

When buying or selling a business, it is important to negotiate an agreement that will facilitate the transaction while protecting your interests. Your business lawyer must know what terms will be important and which can be conceded to close the transaction. Attorney Michael Noll has the real world experience you need.

For more information about forming a business, business acquisition or commercial dispute resolution, contact us online or call 502-272-0777.


Commercial Litigation

Resolving Business Disputes in Kentucky

No matter how diligent you are in selecting your business partners prior to entering into commercial relationships, disputes sometimes arise, and you may need a litigation attorney to protect your business interests. Commercial litigation can distract you from operating your business. Attorney Mike Noll has the business and technical education and background to competently protect and defend your interests.

Providing Business and Commercial Litigation Services

Through litigation, including pre-litigation practice, trials, arbitration and mediation, the Noll Law Office has achieved successful outcomes for clients in the following areas:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Promissory Estoppel
  • Unjust Enrichment

Business owners and operators often contact our Louisville law firm for legal representation. Attorney Mike Noll’s legal experience and background in business operations provides him with a unique insight. He leverages this first hand experience in providing strategic legal counsel to businesses in Louisville, Lexington and throughout Kentucky.

Using Business Law to Protect Your Investment

Mike Noll measures success by the success of the clients, which means arriving at a satisfactory resolution to a business dispute. While every commercial disagreement is treated as if it could go to trial, in business, ongoing relationships are vital. While commercial litigation might be an option, negotiating a creative solution may be a reasonable alternative – involving less cost for your business. Settlement negotiations may also help to preserve the vital relationships once the conflict has been resolved.

Commercial Litigation Concerns

Commercial litigation is generally much more complicated than most other types of lawsuits. When selecting an attorney for commercial litigation, it is important to find someone who completely understands your business and the nature of the dispute. Lawyer Mike Noll has practical experience, with many years in corporate business and also operating his own small business before selling it.

For more information about commercial litigation, business acquisition or dispute resolution, contact us online or call 502-272-0777.





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